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Screen Tilting On Samsung TV

Is anyone experiencing their screen tilting on their Samsung TV when you are on your Xbox? My screen started tilting when I was playing Valhalla. At first it was just in the evenings, and then it started happening during the day. A Samsung tech told me that he detected a problem with the software. When the tech came out, she did nothing because all the tests she did showed nothing was wrong. She said it had to be the console settings which is an X. I did not believe it was a problem with my X. I was given some suggestions that might be causing the tilting. Finally a tech at Samsung told me that there are known issues with the Xbox consoles and the Samsung TV’s. I do not know if this is true or not.

I have stopped playing Valhalla and the tilting stopped. However it started happening again even playing Gems of War. The titling is not as bad as it was. When it started happening it would be at least 25% tilt. Right now it is very slight, but it is still tilting. I was just wondering if anyone is having this issue. I asked this question on the Valhalla site, and all I got was one response from a smart ass. I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

I don’t have this issue but chiming in with some thoughts:

Since this happens with two games, it is not Valhalla related.

Does this only happen when using X? What if you watch cable TV if you have it? What if you connect your computer and watch something? Cast something from your phone? If it only happens on X, it is an X issue and not Samsung. If it happens with everything, then it’s an issue with your TV.

Also check your TV settings. Maybe the settings, at least on your HDMI display that your X is plugged into, is set to tilt the display? I dont think I have ever seen tilting be a setting but maybe? There are typically other orientation settings.

Thanks for the reply. Right now I am so upset I am not in the mood to do anything, and me being a Vet I think you can appreciate why I am so upset.

At first I thought it was my TV, but at first it was only happening when I was playing Valhalla. If I may give some details. Actually the tilting started on my old Toshiba TV, but it was only happening with Black Desert, and support was a JOKE. Sent them a few screenshots, and every time they said there is nothing wrong. When I got my Samsung a year ago everything was find no tilting, but then the tilting started only when I was playing Valhalla, and the same results with support. As far as I can tell the TV and console settings are set correctly. As I stated it was only tilting in the evening which seemed very odd. Someone suggested that it might be internet interference. ATT swapped out my modem, and the tech said he never heard of this issue, and he was right. The new modem did not fix the issue. When I would switch back to the TV the menu bar was still tilting, but now it is not happening. I have Direct TV, and even the info was tilting, but not now. I do not use my computer on the TV, and I have no phone, and do not get me started on phones or any mobile devices. I do not have any. As far as I am concerned they are in the hands of the wrong people. I do not play Black Desert on my new TV. To be honest I am afraid to. The launch screen burned an image in the TV screen which was the mist or clouds. The screen to me appears to be slightly tilted, but it just maybe because I am used to seeing the tilting. Again thanks for the reply.

It cant be your TV when its happened on multiple TVs. It cant be a specific game when it’s multiple games. Support can’t help if you contact support of the wrong device unfortunately.

I am betting it’s your console. That is the only common thing. Try calling their support.

Burn in only happens if you leave the TV on with a static image for an absurdly large period of time. Sorry, I have to raise an eyebrow at this because either you never turn off your TV (you should when not using it), or this didn’t happen.

This is an example of why support may be a “joke” to you if you are this rude to them. You realize many of us on this forum play this game on our phones right?

In case you are legit, I am still leaving my comment that I think the problem lies with your console. But, I will not help you out further. After all, I am the “wrong person”.