Screen Burn-In from White Shield and Heart

Anyone else suffer screen Burn-In from the bright white shield and heart icons on the troop cards? I bought my LG CX OLED TV back in 2021 and just noticed that those icons are burned into my screen a bit. I play GoW at least an hour a day usually, often more. However, it’s definitely not on the TV constantly every day. The TV is used for many other games and shows and whatnot.

Anyways, I have used the screen refresh process built in on the TV, but it didn’t help much.

I was wondering if there could be a way to adjust in game brightness, or maybe even let the user adjust the color of those icons themselves. Any thoughts?

I bought the Geek Squad Protection plan that covers burn-in so I should be able to get it repaired or replaced, so I’m not too upset about it, but I’d love to not worry about this issue happening on the next TV I get or for anyone else that might have an OLED TV.

Edit: attached a picture to show the burn-in visible on mostly gray or white backgrounds. It’s more apparent in the photo than in real life, but it’s definitely noticable.

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OLED and AMOLED are famed for that - they burn where fixed images are shown for a while. I have shields and hearts tattooed on my mobile’s screen.

@Mentok I have the same TV as you and my TV is now ruined because of this game. The whole battle screen has burnt into my tv including even the gem board.


Unfortunately yes. Been running hours of yt burn-in repair videos to no avail.

@KINGOLLIE Oof, that sucks. I’m sorry to hear that.

this happened to me during the world cup or the euro either way the score card got stuck on my monitor… it fnally fixed itself. but i do have another monitor where the windows bar is burnt it and that hasnt fixed itself at all. if the tv is under warrenty you could get a free repair

Maybe 7.0 patch will reverse :fire:-in with funky new graphics.

or double down on it and burn in else where