SCP Foundation is recruiting!

We need team players. Please join us if you are!


Level 100 on Steam looking for a wonderful team environment. Willing to help as best as possible.

After watching that YouTube video, i am even more confused about wtf is SCP foundation.

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I wish I can recruit you mom.

We are an active guild looking for active team players. Previous members of “Desperate Housewives” and "Mystic Hunter" are welcome to join us!

Current Stats (updated daily)

Previous Stats - gathered from Taransworld

All Basic and Epic Tasks completed
All billion guild events completed

Weekly Dues:

  • 3 million gold
  • 2000 seals
  • Guild events - updated weekly (around weapon tier and use all sigils)

Other Requirements:

  • Communication (is a must if you cannot meet your weekly dues because of RL issues)
  • Guild wars - 30 battles, you can use your favorite PVP team. No minimum score. Just play and have fun!

Guild Wars enthusiast? We can arrange for you, talk to our hardcore GM and play with her in B1.

Interactive Stats

Join our Discord Server to learn more:

Or log your expression of interest here:

Guild Alliance: TYRANT

Other members:

  • Tyrant, Bracket 1 in guild wars, 2M gold
  • Welfare Home X, 2.6M gold
  • Snow & Rain, 1.5M gold


Newbie Guide written by beeflog

Come and join a relax guild. Please drop by to say hi in our discord server Tyrant Alliance

2 Spots are open.

Our lovely guild manager is waiting for you to join. Please come and visit our discord server.

Life is so relaxing in SCP Foundation.
High in gold requirement. Decent number of LTs. All players share their bit. Events done easily. More time for family.

Where have you been all this time? Come and chill with us. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Do you fancy high bracket guild wars? Just say so and you can transfer to Tyrant on Guild war’s week.

Weekly Dues:

  • 3 million gold
  • 2000 seals
  • Guild events - updated weekly (around weapon tier and use all sigils)

As usual.

Recruiting, recruiting, recruting!

Lovely people around. Please come and visit Tyrant Alliance!

Hey, hey, how are you? Active, but relax guild is looking for players like you.