Save the last dance for me....?

Seemingly, like all my end of term school disco’s - my intended partners have had something of a better offer, which leaves me heading into tomorrow’s Guild Wars, clutching a hastily scribbled note from my mum, along with the prospect of watching the impending fun & games from the back of the proverbial sports hall. :cry::sob::sneezing_face:


So in a last ditch effort to find a partner for tomorrow’s dance;

  • Does your crew look more conga than ‘So-Solid’…?

  • Have you been longing for that crucial ‘Left Shark’ from your Katy Perry tribute act?

  • Could I be the Jason Orange to your ‘Fake That’ cover band?

  • Can you save the last dance for me…?


Richyread Lvl 855 week minimums 400kG/1kS/150T


If you are still looking check us out😎