Save PvP Teams by Restriction

Currently, every daily reset (I think, correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s at least every weekly reset), our PvP teams for various restrictions do not save. That is, if we were using an awesome Elf PvP team one week, the next time Elf PvP is available in a region, the team has to be rebuilt. Contrast this to Pet Rescues, where teams are saved depending on the color of the pet, so you don’t have to rebuild the team every time.

It would be hugely time-saving to have PvP teams copy over like this too!


Hopefully this will be implemented sometime soon :+1:


It sounds like a nice idea to me in the abstract. But I suspect it would be memory-intensive to implement, because you’d have to reserve a slot for every possible restriction. (Plus one more for Central Spire, which I choose not to play because I don’t want that aggravation.)

38 Kingdoms + 28 Troop Types (not counting Gnome, Boss, Tower) + 6 Colors + Central Spire = 73 different teams saved per player. Which is a fair amount more than I believe even the VIP-20 players have available to them; I know it’s a lot more than I have available to me as a proud VIP-0 player.

Yes, I get that it’s not quite as catastrophic as it sounds, because the game already saves a team for every delve plus a couple of others – e.g., some of the time your Bounty team will get remembered. But the idea probably increases the requirements by a healthy amount and the developers may not be interested in that.

I think they are forgotten when the restrictions change – however since the outer ring hasn’t changed for a couple of weeks, now, the teams in those slots remained.


Underworld already saves all your teams. It’s just not fully implemented in pvp yet.


Memory-wise, it’s literally only 10 bytes or so per team. 1KB for 100 teams, 1MB for 1000 players.


Heyas, this is feedback we’ve passed onto the team.

Basically, I said we want a way to save our PVP teams - whatever form that takes.

  • I mentioned the suggestion is that the teams are saved by restriction type.
  • I’ve also requested being able to see a list of recently used PVP teams.
  • I’ve also suggested we just get access to all our teams through the PVP pre-battle screen, like we do in ie. Explore. I think this would require more team slots though.

Basically just requested a nice solution to this problem:
Rebuilding PVP teams each time restrictions change is a pain in the butt!


While it certainly is, I’m surprised this got acknowledged even. But then again, acknowledging something at such a early state, as we continue to learn time and time again, means exactly nothing until improvements are “live” and can be tested out for the first time by the players.

So, thank you for making a forum post, is all at the moment.

Good job if some fruitful changes grow out of this topic, hopefully not a(nother) letdown.

In other aspects of the game the players also (have to…) use external solutions (excel files, certain data websites, community discord servers), f.e. for way too many missing/wrong help sections or missing ToD mapping - and there’s seemingly a “no touching that” policy since years.


Thanks Kafka. The subvocal majority appreciates you!

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I think it’s just really nice to hear exactly what’s been passed on, and have it cover the range of feedback well or seem like the problem is understood. It’s nice to be + feel heard! And it would be great to have this across the board on a range of hot topics :heart_eyes:


still depends on if the person passing something on understood the whole problem in the first place and depends on how the situation/problem is shared to the next person of the “small team”. I can pass something on by giving it “importance”, or just… not. :wink:
then while passing it on it also depends on the same two factors for the person(s) it gets passed on to - do they even understand the problem? is it important to them?
[can it be monetised in any way?]
next hurdle is to actually have someone start - and successfully finish - working on it without occurring bugs.

Overall it would really help if there’s some better form of communication. There’s another topic listing up 20+ things that would be awesome if someone finally took a look at. Lets say half of it gets immediately dismissed, there’s still 10+ things that “need” some form of fix/improvement. If only one… just… one… of those problems would find fixing per week we would have so much more quality gameplay. Just one thing per week.
Too much to ask? Maybe. Lets just flood with more rng instead.

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