Salty is 2021 employee of the year

The best way you can see how much of an impact you made is by looking at the aftermath after you leave.

Therefore I’m sincerely electing @Saltypatra as the Infinity Plus 2, Employee of the 2021 year. (If we can give awards after someone has died then the same can done with employees who leave the company.)


Yeah no post on the new mythic and delve. It shows that nobody is supervising.


Salty at least put up the official posts manually if needed. Seems all the devs are now “Not my job”


It’s a ghost ship, no captain on board.


Dont know what about the captain, but theres no one who loves this game in the crew. Maybe new master (505) desided that all kingdoms and delves are done, theres 1000+ troops and its too difficult to manage its further development, and just maid a juicer from it, by filling game with monetisation features. The crew was said “forget about it, on the oars, puzzle quest 3 is dead ahead!”

Internal meeting:

Dev A: “Man, these forums are getting super negative. What should we do?”

Dev B: “Work on fixing bugs?”

Dev C: “Test content better before release?”

Dev D: “Hire more people to help things run smoother?”

Dev E: “Ignore the forums entirely?”

Dev A: “Finally, a genius idea!”