Sacrificial Priest not in chests?

Is the Sacrificial Priest not yet available in glory chests? I thought new troops got in after their event-week is over.

It might be just some really ‘bad’ luck, but I just opened my saved glory keys and when browsing through my Troops I realized I still only have 2 of them - not sure if I started with 1 or 2, but after opening a few thousand keys I would have expected to have gotten a bunch of them.

Apparently Priest, Naga and Marilith aren’t in glory chests yet by design, and they’re all rotating in at some point soon - two weeks’ time I think.

I mean, I thought they were all going straight into chests the following week, because that’s definitely what it was before… not anymore I guess.

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For those complaining about the update remember what we wanted and requested and what we got, if you do not know what that is here you go.
This update actually has so many feature requests in it that unless you were paying attention to the forums for the last 6 months or so you would have missed.
First, the request for testing your defence team. I like the request and now we have it.
Second, the request for better pvp match-ups. Not a bad idea, and now we have that well sorta.
Thirdly, the request to make the game faster, hit or miss so not sure if implemented or not.
Fourthly, the request to make treasure hunt’s higher tier rewards stop giving soul/gold. Definitely implemented.
Fifth, the request so you can guild invite from the chat, has been implimented.
Sixth, a second video preview and nim’s voice in video. Definately done.
Seventh, more info about players. Done
Eighth Request for casual pvp, done but buggy.
Ninth, request for a system to rank players based on their battle records, buggy but implimented
Tenth, way to make summoners better. implimented and dokkalfar is op for summoning giant spider
I might have missed a few requests but name me a game that lets the player based dictate how they want to play that is not dota or dota 2. God only knows how many requests will be fulfilled for 2.1 and 2.2 in the guild updates.

Wrong thread, @killerman3333?

Ya sorry totally wrong thread for this.

I keep wondering about the other recent Ultra-Rare troops, like Rakshanin and Runesmith. I know they are in chests, but what about Arena? Going by the amount of Arena I’ve been playing I should really have encountered them by now.