S**tty Campaign Tasks & unsolved problems on Nintendo Switch

just because we are in the middle of the campaign with 6.9 update, we are gonna suffer 4 weeks of unskippable s**tty tasks like 2 dungeon battles right after completing 2 dungeon battles, 2 times adventure board tasks all-done, etc with 300 gems from the devs. i just don’t get it.
we are on NS platform, we are lack of players, we are GOW second class citizens and still we behave.
if the tasks of new kingdoms make any sense, i’ll quietly complete all without skipping.
we have been given more and more ORDINARY bugs and exlusively DISCRIMINATORY bugs.
we have two kingdoms stuck on weapons with no-one can achieve, and more are on the way.
no schedule for all those, including missing festival pet and trial pets.
god i am so speechless, plz do something to make us suffer less. thanks


Not their problem. Working as intended