Rune Priest Class Trial should be on Trial

Because there wasn’t a lack of variety enough already. :roll_eyes:

I’ve noticed the usual line up changes to counter act certain troops who can deal double skull damage. But to go this far to slow down players is deplorable.
Well… It was nice to be able to support the devs decisions while it lasted.

We had double Hyndla last week didn’t we? (Or the week before?)

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The more they repeat their team, the more I can optimize/reuse mine…

…bring on Quintikhails!

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Also isn’t it about time they fixed the points you get? Says 85 but actually gives 55 etc.


Maybe you need to leave your guild to get more? :smirk:


Wasn’t there also that one time they removed Knights from enemy lineup because we had Bunninog among our troops of choice?


Fact. But there were still 5 different match ups in it’s place. So there’s at least 6 different match ups to choose from.
If the devs are afraid players will get through the mind numbing experience to easily… Then may I suggest making more options available for match ups?
Making the grind even grindier is inexcusable.

Looks like they need to update their support category to 4 champions instead of 5.

So why they didn’t go with Tauros or Knight is beyond me.

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I agree with your comments, making it more abhorrent is bad form.

We got this I think when Tidecaller was the class. Was 8th June. 3 lots of freeze…

@fleg is right with the points too, max was/is 55…

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Class events have always been tedious. I simply do the free sigils only and get it out the way. Bounty is also incredibly mundane but the rewards make it almost worth the effort. I boost my classes in pvp, not with gems, potions and monotonous repetitive lineups. Aka class trial event.

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Maybe they are just automated because the event isn’t worth devoting any resources to, and the system allows repeats based on level?

But if this is intentional… I have no idea why they do this. It isn’t even really “slowing me down” to have Urska/enrage teams twice, but it does sort of counter Stonehammer, a mythic you already have very little content where you’d maybe want to use him. It didn’t really “slow me down” to not have Bunni’Nog on Pan’s Vale, I’d have had to change my team for others anyways, you just don’t get the satisfaction of even getting a chance to use it at the one thing it might be good at. Troops that are already hyper niche don’t need to have less content where you might want to use them for a bit.

Oh well, guess I’ll continue to ignore these 99% of the time.


This happened during the Warpriest Class Trial last week as well. God knows why, but of the 5 matchups, only 4 of the teams were unique. It’s probably bugged but since the devs seem to be more concerned about public image than bug reports. I’ll just have to patiently wait until an argument breaks out on this thread before this issue is on their radar. Let alone resolved.

Didn’t help that the duplicate had double boosts too. Swords Edge set + Human/Knights.

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