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Rosters really need to change

Today, midway GW week, a member decided to leave. With the consequence our guild, Black Dragon, will drop from bracket 1 to 2 for the 3rd time due to this kind of behaviour, throwing the hard work of our council and the other members down the drain, again…

This should be adressed and already a long time ago. Let the top 28 or so players count instead of the full roster. GW at top level is already stressful enough without being concerned that a player might leave at any given time.

@devs: this is probably a feasable fix. Not only would it take pressure and guilt feelings of the guilds as a whole but also in those players who have a bad week or place low in the roster.


Agree 100%. A single player could ruin the work of 29.


I can feel you, because our Guild has a similar problem. We are currently bracket 4 and we had 3 newcomers the last 2 weeks and surprisingly they’re all not playing GW. So we will probably drop down a bracket too.

The problem here is, that you and your whole Guild is dependent on this players. So if 1 or more players don’t play or leave, then it has consequences for the whole Guild, even if most players play a perfect week.

On the other hand we have to think, which compensation is possible. For example I don’t really like the idea, that the first XX players count. Because it’s Guild Wars and every player should have their credit there. Like the motto “we win as guild and we lose as guild”.

In my opinion the best solution would be, that you can simply replace players, but they aren’t allowed to play older days. So in your case, when your member left on Thursday, a new member could atleast play the 3 remaining days.

In our case, with that 3 newcomers, it’s fixed already, that we are missing at least the 150k points. So with replacements we are able to lower this at least a bit.