Room icons in delves post 7.0 are hard to tell apart

Steam / Android - looks the same on both:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I expected to see the room icons clearly, colour-coded by rarity. Instead I can no longer tell them apart, and I no longer see which one is the gnome room (screenshot is from a deep delve, but it looks the same on a non-deep delve; active room is barely distinguishable from a room that can’t be accessed yet.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every time I open any delve, deep or not deep

Steps to make it happen again
Go to delves, start a delve, look at the map


But but but… roman numerals are hard! Counting che tiny tiny stars gray-on-gray is so much better! If only someone has invented, I don’t know, something like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… A simple cipher meaning a number…


It’s definitely less obvious. If people can’t do Roman numerals why could have just been a mahosive number. At least there is some colour on the unlocked rooms but I think that may have been muted.

Once you’ve played the first one it gets better. Level 1 rooms are gray and basically look the same as locked rooms, though. Brilliant idea! :roll_eyes:

And then those tiny dots. Stars or whatever those are. Why does everything in this update have to be so small?


Yeah, I noticed that after I played the first room. It’s muted a lot. I mean… the change fixed one thing (seeing which rooms can be played and which can’t at the moment, maybe some paths were made clearer in some delve maps) but broke another.

^^ this!

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I tried to give the update another chance. But each time it gets worse. Originally I was excited from the previews. Then I was 50/50. After all the new bugs and these new delve numbers, I must adjust my rating to I/X. Or should I say 1/10?

Try /********* but tiny

Yet another awful UI change with no thought or consideration to the people who play this game daily. I dislike the change immensely.


they screwed up the room reward display too, if you so much as LOOK at an underspire room, delve maps stop showing their rewards until you restart the game