Road to top 10 pvp (streaming)


Hi everyone, im going to stream a little bit from my xbox. Im going to show you each team i use against the current metas

  • psion/rag/famine/infernus
  • korvash/siren/infernus/mab
  • forest troll/nyxkraken/mab
  • justice league
  • humility x2/anarielle/plague

I am also trying to reach top 10 pvp(currently 14)

Feel free to take a look and say hello at


Ty for watching im forced to stop, it look like server are down on xbox

Edit: nevermind it’s back!


Alright im done for tonight, i finally reached rank 7

Thanks everyone for watching, i hope you found good team ideas


I missed the stream. D8


No worries, it wasn’t as good as your streaming :slight_smile:


What about my streaming?



Objection! My streaming is the best streaming! See this evidence!!!



You all rock!! :slight_smile:

But i must say salty got the best mugs :stuck_out_tongue:


This is true.


Hi everyone, im going to stream a little bit again tonight. My goal is to reach rank 4
And i am currently ranked 7


Alright im done, ranked 4 as promise :slight_smile:

Might have chance for 3rd but im not going for 1st or 2nd lol too far away