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Ro-sham-bo format

Ro-sham-bo or rock-paper-scissors format is where there is 3 dominant teams ruling in pvp. These are teams that are being used heavily however this does not guarantee that players will see them being used.
This is based on my own recollections and recall bias of teams i have been seeing a lot of and have a theory of why i am seeing them a lot.
Maw/mercy team, aka m and m’s great combo, beats the next one i have been seeing a lot.
Gorgotha/tank, basicly this team is all about killing be with boredom but it beats the next team.
Goblins, so ya this team beats maw by “stun locking” it and using agile to counter maw.
These three teams have been popping up what seems like every other battle. I already cried about goblins and people using them and others have cried about maw and before this even started there was great unrest with gorgotha smash. Well guess what guys i hate you and your over used ro-sham-bo format! I will stay in casual mode where i am wanted so i do not have to deal with these three teams.

Oh ya so others can reply, what teams are you seeing in the ladder besides the three i have been dealing with.

I am seeing:

Gorgotha / True Damage - Composition varies a little, but Psion, Bat, Marilith, Venoxia, Crescendo are norms.

Great Maw / Support / Skull Generator - Sometimes 2x Maw, Mercy, Infernal King, Bone Dragon, Sheggra, Alchemist

I am only playing the “Hard Team” so I get 2x trophies (Says x3, but only gives xx2).

I’ve seen a few other teams, but very few of them.

Yeah, the entire game is composed into 3 teams right now based around The Great Maw, true damage, or Infernal King. We may see a 4th type of freeze spam next week, but those 3 compose about 95% of the teams I see.

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I put a fun Marauder deck up, but it doesn’t score high enough for people to see it as hard.

Poison Master
Goblin King

It’s kind of fun, just too bad that Goblin King only summons a level 15 goblin.

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I’ll be switching to something with Queen Mab next week, not quite sure what though atm. Probably something like

Jarl Firemantle
Silent One
Queen Mab
Dust Devil