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RNGesus works in mysterious ways

So for the past couple days, even though my goblin team is pretty dope, I’ve been getting destroyed in PvP…I mean flat out ‘RNGesus dropping complete 5-matches of just the color my opponent needs to fill up three abilities and then use them all to win’ levels of destroyed. I can barely win, and I can hardly get a match with someone who is on my level in terms of traits and card levels.

I’m getting smited in the Arena too: I’ll pick a great team that covers most of the bases and is a big threat, and I keep getting mauled on the second or third battle (once it was the first!). I’m even having trouble with some challenges, and the quests are just absolutely brutal at this moment. It was making me so mad that I was thinking about dropping GoW because I was just flat out suffering daily…until I starting farming for Maps because I needed the glory for the Zephyros reward. It started off small, with me getting two maps every battle, but getting destroyed at the end. Then I opened a glory chest, and got a second Tyri, and then I started getting four Maps a match…even though the computer still whipped the tar out of me. I was also getting Glory Keys during my Treasure Hunts, so I started using them…

The first couple only got me traitstones, but the fifth one got me this:

So I kept farming Glory for Zephyros, and I kept getting small amount of Glory with a couple Glory Keys.

So I opened some more chests, and I got an Ultra-Rare that I don’t currently recall, and I got this:

So I’m losing my mind at the awesome pulls, and I opened two more chests, and I got this:

So at this point (I believe I was live streaming) I’m so done and I’m afraid to pull anymore of anything because my luck has surely run dry, so I quit and don’t start up again until today. I open some more Glory Chests, and I get these two back to back.

I’m like ‘…Wow, RNGesus REALLY hates me in a match, but he must respect my grinding skills and dedication because LOOK AT THESE PACK OPENINGS! O.O’

Needless to say, I haven’t stopped GoW yet, in fact I now have my favorite team I’ve ever built. Oh, and to those who told me about grinding Maps for Glory, if you were wondering if I got enough for both the Skeleros and this event, don’t worry…I think I’ve got the grind down pat.


Wow, nice pulls…congrats! I agree, the luck can be fickle in this game. You have to run with it while you got it.

Moloch is a nice safety net troop with his ability to mana drain a dangerous opposing troop, and I’ve been on the wrong side of some Dimetraxia mass burnings. And I know he doesn’t get a lot of love on these forums, but I actually think Bul’Tauros is a great troop and works well in a Wildfolk build.

Send some luck my way if you have any extra to spare!

Hmm, I suppose I can try…here goes!

meditation hum

Whyaiaiaiumm Whyaiaiaiumm!

hmmm abababa hmmm abababa…PLASMA

Tingle Tingle Kaloo-Limpah!

Azarath Metrion Zinthos!

There, that should do it! Shoutout if you get all the references! :wink:

Eh, random just got me the Green Slime from a glory chest so now not only do I get to save 400 glory since I don’t need to buy it, but I was also able to complete the “Raise a troop to level 10.” as everyone else was level 14 or higher.