RNG Streakiness

What are the odds? :roll_eyes:

(Nevermind that 6/24 were Queen Aurora)

the 2 mythics i have the most of are stonehammer and plague…must just be rng right?..right xD

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One of the most frustrating aspects of this game is the duplicate mythics. I think mythics should get removed from the legendary tasks, and replaced with 4000 diamonds. Duplicate legendaries are almost worthless to players who are actually completing the legendary tasks, so those should just get removed from the pool entirely.

Or maybe some better mechanism is remove the mythics & legendaries from the Legendary tasks altogether, and it’s a straight “every X legendary tasks you participate in completing (not the guild, since this is open to abuse), you get some amount of diamonds”.

Something needs to be looked at with the legendary tasks so that they actually feel rewarding.


While i believe the rng to be streaky, i dont think it can streak accros weeks in legendary tasks.

If I complain about 7 weeks ago getting Euryali and Ubastet within 24 hours of each other. And the exact same pairing today within 6 hours of each other.
I’ll just get told that’s “RNG being streaky, working as intended though.”

I don’t have either mythic so I would say I wish I had your problem.

I was wrong to first think that, we have no idea how guild instead of individual RNG works. Does a guild like a player have a unique salt? Is the seed of the RNG computed the same way?

The answer to that is, “We will never know,” because it is a server roll and not a client roll. It could be implemented in any web technology and library and it’d all look the same as long as it outputted HTTP. It’s also subject to change at any time and players would have no way to know (unlike a client-side change, nothing would get downloaded).

Client-side randomness (basically anything in-match) can theoretically be observed by a knowledgeable user. Server-side randomness will forever be a black box.

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I feel like we have the evidence to say GoW RNG feels streakier than just about any game we’ve ever played. Certain mechanics (like LTs) could probably benefit from a “probability cop” that tries to defer duplicates? I can’t think of the right balance between “Soulforge” and “won’t inspire posts about duplicate LT mythics”.

Heck, we get a smaller count of LTs and we’ve had war I think 3 times in the 2 years I’ve been Almost Epic. Normally I’d argue “even getting the same pair isn’t preposterous”, but it’s kind of weird that multiple guilds seem to have a story about at least one mythic they’ve hit multiple times.

Last night I played 4 total matches against a Thief defense. 2 summoned 4 Bandits. This is yet another one of those things where I agree, it’s not impossible, but I’ve never been as “lucky” as I have been in GoW when it comes to things that hurt and should be 1% or less. For some reason I’m nowhere near as “lucky” when I’m trying to see if I can pull 4 mythics with 50 gem keys.