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Riverford Rank 34th - recruitment closed


My names Ricky and I’m the Guild Master of Riverford, currently ranked 38th on the Leaderboard. I’ve been playing almost two years and I named the Guild after the road I live on.

Since the 2.1 release its became evident that every player in an active Guild benefits by contributing seals and gold to unlock rare troops and team bonuses.

We hit 40K seals and complete all 6 tasks consistently every week now. We are looking for active players who can add to our Guild. We have a good team ethos with various members offering troop combination ideas, discussing strategies and sharing redeem codes.

What we offer:

A fun active Guild with members from all over the world
We have our own Facebook page Gems of War - Riverford where players share Troop combinations and ideas
We have unlocked Purple (Magic) :crystal_ball:, Blue (Armour) :shield:, Red (Attack) :crossed_swords:️ and Yellow (Life), Green (Life) :heart:️ all of which you will enjoy added to your Stats as soon as you join which will help you in PVP battles.

What I require from you:

That you achieve 1500 Seals every week
That you donate a minimum of 300,000 gold each week to help unlock tasks. The bonuses stack.
That you earn 150 trophies minimum in order that we keep gaining momentum up the league rankings.
Notice if you are going on holiday and can’t contribute one week

If you are still levelling up kingdoms then we are probably not the Guild for you at the moment

Any questions feel free to ask

Some of my Guild members have been invited to the chain in case they are online before i am. They all have the power (He-Man like) to invite users to the Guild



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