Rising Starz - guild

Hi ya @Matt_E,. New topic for RS :wink:

Awesome sounds good.

Also seeing as this forum runs using the discourse framework I downloaded the discourse forums app from the App Store and added this site to it so should get notifications and stuff too. :slight_smile:

I did too, makes it so much easier! I think one get used to it it’s going to be good.

Yep. I mean the whole world can see but oh well. Not bothered by that. And if we need to post screenshots and other things thebguld chat can’t handle it’s all good. I know there is other apps but this works well enough.

Good morning!


Nice. That’s some dark talents. What does light fingers do?

Why don’t you guys use discord? It’s more private


Light fingers gives 5 hold per turn

Gold rather… some things never change