RIP new Mythic streak


Since February of 2018 I have successfully secured every new Mythic released using only Glory, Glory Keys, or Gem Keys. On Thursday, April 11th, 2019, my streak came to an end. After blowing through all my resources (including the guild seals I had been successfully hoarding for over a year) the Queen of Sin managed to evade me.

RIP streak. You were fun while you lasted.

Silver Lining: I was able to ascend an insane amount of troops :smile:



No worrie you still can forge it when it will be in the pool and restart your streak :slight_smile:

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You’ll eventually get it have faith you will regain your streak.

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Oh I know, but thank you for the positive thoughts! I was completely floored it lasted as long as it did, I consider myself super lucky. It’ll be fun seeing how long I can get the next one to go :smile:!

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Good luck and np



Same thing happened to me, Elarcadia. Such a bummer/let down… :slight_smile: