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RIP Justice League

I’ve been reserving judgment until I could play a reasonable number of matches against the VJM team, but I think it is safe to say it:

The VJM team can still get a loop going and run wild, but it is no longer a guaranteed loss when Valk or Justice gets a cast off anymore. Based on my GW battles this week, it will still take a while for this to sink in with people, but farewell Justice meta. I won’t miss you.


That’s not up to your usual scale. :wink:


Understandable, since I’m trying to take a more balanced approach to these things.


I won’t say its dead yet. Nor would others I speak to. Is it as effective…slightly not on defense. Is it still everywhere?? Bear shit in the woods.

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Absolutely - it is still everywhere, but people will start to realize very soon that it isn’t what it was and move onto something different. My GW battles today were 4/5 Justice League and I thrashed them with no fear using a 4-green team. In 2 of those 4 battles, Justice was able to cast and even cast twice in one battle. No extra turns, no looping, no problems.

If/when they fix impervious, it will be one more nail in the coffin.

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Its not dead yet. But i wont lie ive atleast survived a cast from it now. When it does die though…ill teach my dog where its buried…and have him do his business exclusively on that spot.


That’s all I’ve been asking for. Beast teams, Psion teams, Famine teams - all of these things can kill me, and I understand that and take appropriate precautions. A chance is all I’ve wanted and I feel like I have it now.


Hear hear!


Yeah I’ve only lost twice to it and at least came back to win 5 matches last night that b4 update I would have loss.

Its a step in the right direction.


What do you think now that you’ve had a few more days? I haven’t lost a GW battle in over a week and the only PVP battles I lost after the update were battles that I would have won if not for devour or mana burn processing on my impervious troops.

I won’t play much more PVP this week due to real-life busyness, but got to tier 1 in under an hour going 27-0 last night. I’m definitely seeing less Justice League now that word is starting to spread.

Yeah it’s much better but people keep using it lol. I only see that team and the troll+ kraken, i don’t know why both team are very easy to beat :slight_smile:

29-0 in gw last week. Lol, only team I lost to was a Turn-2 justice league team with a kracken lead.
Crap starting board I didn’t get to fire a single spell. Certainly fixed in gw from what I can see. 18 of the 30 matches was vjm though

But it is Great to see guilds who used vjm every god damn week since GW was released are starting to use a new defense.


I went 30/0! 1 match I went down to one troop but other than that easy week!

Yet still I hear people complaining about people using Mab teams. As the French say “Plus ca change, plus ca meme chose”

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80% of my PvP matches last week was against justice league. Not a single match loss except for a gw one(typical) lol.

This is a rip justice league thread is it not or have I posted in the wrong place? Lol

I think it will be a few months yet before players realise it ain’t what it use to be. There easy defense team win button has gone.

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I guess this is long-awaited good news for the console community… interesting to see what kind of meta emerges in its place… mobile version meta features the following mostly:

  • psion/famine teams
  • Kerberos/fg
  • trolls/kraken
  • wisps/nax
  • goblins+Mab
  • ek/valk/mab
  • Draakulis/humility

…I think pretty much every three-trophy match is one of those, sometimes permuted together… which when I list them out actually looks fairly varied currently… last week was 95% goblins but that seems to have passed…

As an aside, it’s a bit sad that this horrible VJM meta balance issue was never directly addressed in console for sooooo long… and just fixed by accident now as a result of aligning the code of the game across all platforms…


Dwarves are going to be the new meta! You heard it here first. :blush::blush::blush:

Was there an update or change i don’t know about? Cause it might just be there we are getting better at battling justice teams. I’ve been having reasonably good win/loss record against justice teams for months. It gets easy once you learn what works and what does not work. Actually i have have very little probelm with any of the problem teams, except one. 4 x astral spirit i must still figure out.

Yep an update. I suggest reading some forum threads. Multiple threads about it on here and you might be able to contribute some thing New to the conversation then.

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VJM made me rage quit GW yesterday so yeah, it is still a thing :wink: But it’s good to know it has been nerfed, I wouldn’t mind seeing this team less and less.