Ring Of Wonder, Price Rise? Xbox One

Why has the Ring Of Wonder price gone up, from £15.99 to £18.49? I won’t be buying it any longer. You get the same for a higher price.


GBP has been stable against the USD too, so it shouldn’t be an exchange rate adjustment.

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This is usually due to some behind-the-scenes decisions from the platform and the publisher, in this case Microsoft and 505 Games. In most cases developers have little to no control over shop prices and often cannot publicly comment on these kinds of changes.

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Yes it’s just another not so subtle rip off that typifies gems today. Never bought a ring and never will

We aren’t in control of the prices set in our store, let alone those on platforms and for exchange rates. As far as we are aware this happened due to a re-work that was done regarding currencies, but we don’t have any further information. As we said, this isn’t something that he have any control over, or input regarding.