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Rifftrax is recruiting - are you under level 200 and wanting to grow?

Rifftrax is an established guild with guild mates at the top of the guild roster available every day to help you grow, answer questions, and have fun playing gems of war.

We are seeking active or semi-active players who will do what they can every week to help us reach weekly guild targets to benefit all, while levelling your kingdoms and growing your troops.

All are welcome. No minimum requirements, however we ask that you read guild chat, claim your guild seals, and contribute seals and trophies each week so we all have a chance to find mythical troops in guild chests and grow faster. Contribute what gold you can spare, but keep levelling your kingdoms. If you’re going to be away for a while, just let us know in guild chat, so we know when you’re coming back.

Rifftrax has risen from rank 7500 to 4766 in the last 2 months and continues rising every week. Roster is currently 18/30 with levels from 18 to 184.

This is a good opportunity for:

  • An enthusiastic new player looking for a guild to join.
  • A player in a small or solo guild who wants to be in a larger group…
  • A player in a stagnant guild wanting to team up with other active players raising themselves and their guild.

Join our rising band, grow and have fun together while we level.

Reply with your invite code and jump aboard the Rifftrax train. :smile:

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Hi I’m new to GoW (just hit level 50) and looking for a home. I will contribute whatever is needed as long as I am able. In return any help to improve in the game would be appreciated. My invite code is CHUCK YEAGER_FE1U