Ride the Wild Wind (Nintendo Switch)

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New Epic Troop: Griff Stonefeather

Griff Stonefeather will be available this week for 400 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

New Doomed Weapon: Doomed Blade

This week it will be available in both the Tower of Doom shop, and in the Soulforge.

Nintendo Switch GoW’s 1st ever Tower of Doom event! Can’t wait to experience this event. The weapon is nice!

Yes definitely get the weapon! It’s expensive but worth it :slight_smile:

OMG - completely new words appear alongside the event.
What is a “Tempering Level”?
And what is a “Doom”?

A “Doom” is the special kind of boss that exists in Tower of Doom. I wrote a guide about it.

The “tempering level” is just a different kind of upgrade for Doomed weapons. Instead of using ingots to add Affixes, Doomed weapons are upgraded with scrolls you get from Tower of Doom. You can generally only fully upgrade a weapon in one run if either your guild places very high on the leaderboard or you buy extra tiers.

Protip for newish guilds: guild chat isn’t sufficient for helping your guild figure out Tower of Doom. Set up a Google Sheet or some other collaborative document for your guild.


Placement of your guild means nothing for the tempering of doomed weapons. The source of forge scrolls is bosses on the first 25 floors and shop tiers. To fully upgrade doomed weapon (and it’s a quite controversial decision for several of doomed weapons - ‘create gem’ affixes are very bad and cripple weapon) in one run you need to kill first 25 bosses and buy Tier VII x3.

Thank you Slypenslyde and Neritar! I am somewhat new to GoW and this will be my guild’s first Tower of Doom experience. Slypenslyde, I will be sure to read your doc. Thanks for taking the time to write one up for us newbies. My guild’s only form of communication is the guild chat and we will make it work. Neritar do you think it worth it to level up the Doomed Blade all the way?

You can safely upgrade it to +6.
I will explain why 7th affix (Create blue gem) is a controversial upgrade.

Almost always you will cast Doomed Blade only if you have red-skull alignment on the board for an extra turn when red gems will be converted to Doomskulls. In that case, the cast from Doomed Blade will be very powerful - damage to all enemies, a big amount of skull damage, Doomskulls can explode a big chunk of the board generating mana for you and at the end, it will be again your turn because you had a red-skull alignment and it was converted to 4- or 5- skull match.
However, if you have 7th affix things can go worse. Let’s say you have 1 red-skull alignment on the board for the 4-match and you are ready to cast Doomed Blade. That created blue gem from 7th affix can destroy your alignment and you won’t get an extra turn. The chance of it is not very high, if you have only 1 alignment it will be somewhere ~6-8% depending on the board if my calculations are correct, and if you have more than 1 alignment it won’t happen. But if it will happen you will be screwed - the board will be populated with Doomskulls and it will be an enemy turn - you have a good chance to lose in that case instead of destroying the enemy team.
As you can see 7th affix for Doomed Blade is a downgrade in reality and you will understand it very well after your first lose because of that affix.

8th affix for Doomed Blade (Freeze the first enemy) is quite good and 10th (Drain 2 mana from blue enemies) is decent and you cannot get them without the 7th.

It is your choice - do you want to spend a lot of gems to get forge scrolls to upgrade Doomed Blade past 6th affix to get 8th or 10th affix and accept the fact that bad RNG from 7th affix can cost you games? or you can spend less, stop at 6th affix, don’t get that freeze and drain mana but you will be sure that your red-skull alignments won’t be destroyed.

There is no 100% correct answer to that, it’s why I said it is controversial.


Thanks for the tips vets. (Minor correction to Slyps guide: the 4th tier of the shop costs 250 gems, not 300).

The mixup continues on the timeline for Switch players as we skip backwards to Dhrak-Zum (meaning that Fallen Valdis is the only Mythic available in any kind of chest).

I’m curious to see what we’ll get next week - Dragon’s Claw or Khaziel? Really strong glory troops either way, so that’s something to look forward to.

Oh right. Is the LB reward a set of Dooms then? I never pay attention oops.