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Ride the Waves - Chaotic Tide Recruiting!

Looking for active players 100+ to help us raise the Tide :slight_smile:
Req: 400 seals/week and/or 50 trophies. No gold requirement and encourage raising your kingdoms to 10.
We offer FB group page and Discord chat app for your convenience.

League Rank: 257
Daily Bonus: 190% gold
Elite V

Please respond with invite code.

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Hello, I am a level 598 player and am interested in joining.
Invite code: SZERYNG 1

@Szeryng I tried using this invite code in various renditions. All of them say 'Does Not Exist". Not sure if you posted wrong code or if it is a game glitch. Please double check and let me know. Thanks

Think I got you now … took off the 1 :slight_smile:

Strange, the invite didn’t come through. “SZERYNG 1” has always worked for me. Is your guild on PC/Mobile?

Yes … we are. I sent invite to Szeryng … but maybe that is not you?

Do you have an underscore (_1)? we are trying that now. One of the other officers is giving it a go to see if it might be me

That did the trick! Accepted! No idea why the underscore doesn’t show up on my end.

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Welcome to Chaotic Tide, SZERYNG_1!

I’d like to ride the tide. I’m Schweinebub’s wife and my invite code is * Aziyade * (without the spaces, asterisks turn text into italics, apparently.)

It is saying Aziyade does not exist.

I have to put it in Italics?

Hi there’s no italics, it’s Aziyade with asterisks on either side. When I tried to type it with the asterisks in the correct position, the forum software turned it into italics. :slight_smile:

Gotcha!!! :slight_smile:

I got the invite but it appears someone else took my spot. :cry:

No … we only show 29/30 … not sure what is going on … will try again

Thanks I got it this time! :smiley: