Rework "godslayers" Suggestion

All the Godslayer troops typically do X damage to enemy, If they are a boss deal 3x - 5x damage based on ascensions.

It makes them able to hit a boss troop pretty well, but after that they are often useless.

How about adding a little more strategy to the raid bosses and simply change “If they are a boss” to “if the enemy has a boss troop”

That way as long as the boss is still alive, the Godslayer is capable of doing serious damage to the minions as well.

But, then you might as well make all the Godslayers mythic. They’re meant to slay the gods/boss not the menions but, the idea is good

My strategy (and, I’m sure, most people’s) is to take out the Boss as quickly as possible, before he gets off his “Bang, you’re dead” spell.

As such, your suggestion wouldn’t really make a difference, since there’s no sense in keeping the Boss alive to pick your troops off.

It does add some risk/reward gameplay, but I still think Godslayers’ main drawback is a lack of utility outside of their game mode. This doesn’t much address that.

If godslayers are going to be useful outside raid boss, anything with above a certain starting health+armor could be rated a boss. Like the last few pet fights might rate as boss fights + plus the super charged raid boss minions above a certain level gain boss status.