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Rework Devour and Death Mark

First of all I love the game! what I don’t like is random deaths, 99% of my frustration comes from it.

I find it funny how “Zuul’Goth” a mytical troop can 1 hit kill you yet it requires more mana than a regular troop with Devour or Death Mark and it also can only be cast ONCE.

So my suggestion is to rename most of troops with Devour into Bite changing it effect to:

1- STEAL 50% of Atack, Armor and Life.


2- Deals attack as extra damage

“Dragon Cruncher”
10 attack
Munch damage 11 and 50% to “bite” dragons
-Much hits a dragon bite activates
Dragon suffer 21 of damage (11 from munch + 10 from current attack)

This way the effect still very efective yet it deny the 1hit kill, of couse some cards will still have Devour like “The Great Maw” since it can only cast it once and “Black Beast” since it affect only allies.

Now walking on the same path of gratuitous deaths, Death mark! it triggers when you don’t need it and never when you do need it.

So I have few new effects proposals:

1- Works like Poison taking Life, but it does 1-5 of damage randomly choosed each turn, it ignores armor


2- It reduces Life status by 50% for the duration of the death mark (coming back to full once its wear off)
-Troop Has 10 Armor | 50 Life
get Death marked
-Troop drops to 10 Armor | 25 Life
Gets damaged by 20 points
-Troop has 0 Armor | 15 Life
Death Mark wears off
-Troop has 0 Armor | 40 Life (since 50-10 = 40)


3- Works like fairy Fire and Hunters Mark combined amplifying damage from spells and skulls

I know some people may actually like how it works now since it brings “luck” into the table but luck is already part of the game as you never know what gems may drop from top, which are destroyed/removed by certain spells, also these are just suggestions nothing is set into stone effects could by amplified or reduced, I just really really want that 1 hit kill minimized to a few troops like “Zuul’Goth”

Screenshot_20180720-114915_Facebook I doubt the devs will entertain it but I understand the feeling behind losing a card instantly.


I don’t like luck in the game. I’d be pleased as punch if we took anything with a % chance out of it. That includes free turns.

But that’s not happening, so I have to consider, “Do these mechanics need a rework?” in the context of a game that doesn’t mind #1 ranks being decided by 10% chances.

That said, both Devour and Death Mark are fairly weak strategies. To build a team around them requires a heavy investment. The payoff is often sub-par:

  • The fastest possible Devour team is only as fast as an Ubastet or Ketras, who can completely nullify the HP gains. Doubling your attack doesn’t mean squat if you die 3 turns later, as many Maw teams have discovered in GW.
  • I can’t conjure a universe where a Death Mark team is reliable at all. If you can maintain full-team Death Mark for 10-15 turns there’s some chance you’ve accomplished 1 or 2 instakills, but “every damage-focused team ever” aims to make 3 or 4 kills in that timeline. Plus a significant number of dangerous troops are immune to death mark.

These teams are popular in GW because “a 10% chance of hosing you” is actually better than many defense teams in the hands of the AI. Almost any B-rank PvP team has multiple defenses against either, and often the defense is “I can win the entire game before your plan has a chance of hatching.”

I would agree with you if the game didn’t have so many cards that were immune to these. However, there are cards that are immune to these so all you have to do is spend time building teams to counteract these status effects. Are far as Zulgoth is considered, if you are talking about him as a troop for a player to use, he is pretty useless, especially on defense.


I was not talking about pvp exactly when I posted it, more about places with limited entry like Delves or Events, getting one shot on those could really mess you up losing a valuable entry. Anyhow dead chance based are just gameplay wise ridiculous and frustrating.

As much as I hate it when one of my troops gets devoured or randomly dies to death mark I think they are fine now. Impervious and warded block death mark and it can be cleansed we have a few decent cleansers now. Indigestible, impervious and barrier all block devour. It’s easy to block devours just put an Indigestible or impervious troop in the back when facing Kraken and barrier spam when facing all other devourers and even if you get devoured most of the time it’s easy to come back from.


My current GoTo team is Maw, Ishbaala, Infernus, Mercy which has (at a rough guess) a 95% or better success rate.

Mercy charges Maw, then Ishbaala and cleanses Maw if it gets Entangled, Infernus (even with the Nerf) is still a useful mana gainer and damage dealer.

About the only time I lose with this team is if the opponent gets lucky and charges Ubastet before I can Devour it with Maw.

I still wonder why the craftable Zuul’goth doesn’t get Invulnerable instead of it’s current trait of Impervious… could someone fill me in why that’s the case or would the craftable Zuul’goth be too overpowered to have Invulnerable?

Set it on defense and weep. That’s where Maw teams discover they aren’t the hotness in GW.

I’m starting to think a 4x Peasant team could go 90% in PvP. All you really have to do is take one of the 2 Fire Bomb matches every round.

I don’t use it on Defence because, as we all know, the AI isn’t very I :upside_down_face:

Change DeathKnights 3rd trait to Death Mark an enemy troop on 4-5 gem matches, then buff Death Mark with no grace period. I would have loved this.