Rework Battle Pause Menu (Battle Area)

I’m sorry I’m writing this in the Bugs section. But I feel like this is the only forum category that is visited by devs and that our feedback about this issue in the news thread might have been ignored.

7.1 Battle Area in the Pause Menu is another proof that noone in devs team plays their own game.
Let’s have a look.
The area contains the name and the image of the banner. This might look great. But we actually don’t need to know this while in battle. We need to simply understand how much mana we are going to get after the gem match, which has become really inconvenient now.

Before 7.1 all mana bonuses were shown on screen, and we could easily check them any time. Now we can see only the banner bonus, and to calculate the totals, we have to manually check each troop/hero.

For example, I’ve made this team.

In battle I see the following mana bonus: +2 red, +1 purple, -1 brown:

While, in fact, this bonus should be
+4 red (+1 for Hero’s Firebringer trait, +1 for Kurandara’s Fire Link trait)
+1 purple
+1 blue (+1 for Axolotl’s Water Link trait)
0 brown (+1 for Acolyte’s Stone Link trait)

Pre-7.1 I could easily see this after just one look at the pause menu.


I’m baffled this menu has got changed for no good reason. It had ALL the info required, nothing to take away. And now it’s split, and even splitted it’s unusable.
Why? Whats the reason of this change? Couldn’t imagine more useless move. This have to be reverted.
I only have to change SFX once, noone needs it constantly in a quick access.


Thank you for bringing attention to this! BY FAR (>95%), the main reason I use the pause battle is to check mana bonuses. These changes make that impossible. I don’t think I have ever once used the pause function out of a sudden urge to change the sound or music volume which now appears to be the primary focus.


Adding the battle speed menu before opening chat. :wink:

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