Rewards of Raid Bosses and Invasions

Does anyone know something about the rewards from Raid Bosses or Invasions?
Will it be guild seals or orbs or something else?

I asked in the release notes thread and so far there doesn’t seem to be any information. If we’re lucky, they’ll do a little preview before each of the new events starts. Otherwise, we’ll just have to wait for Monday and see for ourselves.


If they tell you now, when there are bugs we’ll figure it out. We have to wait to see what drops so that can be the intended result.


problem is: do i open guild chest now, because of 40k seals right now or wait until next weekend (new mythic)?
if raid bosses will give no seals, we can’t hit 40k seals next week

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Guild wars don’t really give seals, why would raid bosses be any different?

Guild wars give a bonus of 50 seals to all players for each daily war that you win. If you’ve already collected your 1500 from regular play, this bonus still goes into your personal pool and contributes to the guild’s target of 40,000 (my guild was helped by a bunch of us collecting our 1500 early and then collecting a couple hundred extra from GW daily wins). It’s a good question.

That’s a good question and I don’t think anyone outside the developer team knows yet. I don’t even want to guess, but I could see it going either way.


we do it the same and sometimes need the 1.5k seals for the GW wins

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I’m amazed that people think the devs have the rewards figured out already.


For me it’s clear only orbs

Since these are guild events, guild seals as rewards doesn’t seem unreasonable :slight_smile:


I’m guessing that the rewards will be somewhat comparable to guild wars, though probably a little more evenly distributed (meaning lower rewards than guild wars for the top few guilds and similar or maybe slightly better for the rest). I could see a small number of guild seals being available, but who knows?

Overall, I’m hoping that the rewards are structured in a way that it rewards success and cooperation within the guild, but doesn’t emphasize cut-throat competition the way that GW does (where only the top few guilds get back more than they put in).

i could also be orb of clans

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The reward will be the friends we made along the way.


the way is the goal…i know :slight_smile: i just wanted to plan mine

like real life unplannable

Ahh thanks for the clarification. I didn’t realise those 50 seals over my 1500 seals went to guild anyway

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I hope @Cyrup will get the time to post Raid boss infos before monday. Would be nice to know all the rules before going to frontline :slight_smile:

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It’s a good thing that Australians live in the future. If they have something ready, they can post it when they get to work Monday morning and we’ll have a few hours to dissect it before rollover.


I am the only one who is affraid of this?

[quote=“Sirrian, post:1, topic:36039”]

New Special Event Troops

Exclusively gained from Event Shop tiers for their release week. However, they will be available in regular chests, 3-4 weeks after their event (similar to Glory troops)
There 3 types of event troops based on which type of event they are available from:

Godslayer – Gained from Raid Boss Shop, they deal extra damage vs. Boss troops (like Zuul’Goth and Dungeon Bosses)

Siegebreaker – Gained from Invasion Shop, they deal extra damage vs. Towers

Bountyhunter – Gained from Bounty Shop, they grant increased points earned from Bounty battles.
Each of these troops’ bonus effects are increased as they ascend rarity.

They will all cost event keys??? I hope there is more way to win it cause it’s already a rare currency and with this it’s
Gonna be worst

I don’t read that as costing event keys. I don’t have any idea what the currency we will spend in the “event shop” is, but I doubt it will be event keys. Plus, these troops will go into regular chests (gold, glory, gem) 4 weeks later, so we can pick them up there. I don’t think you need to be afraid, but I’ll feel better once I can see how all these things actually work.