Reward Error/Exploit (June 4)

Hi everyone,

We received a bunch of messages this fine Sunday morning about an exploit involving some rewards (I’m not entirely up to speed on it yet… since I just climbed out of bed… but fortunately our tech lead spotted it not long after it was deployed last night)

I believe the exploit/error has been fixed and he is currently rolling back accounts of any players who abused it

I’ll keep y’all filled in if we learn any more.


Was this on console or mobile/PC?

Mobile/pc only I think

So no server roll back? In all likelihood there’s people that toggled mail and haven’t collected in anticipation of such an event.

No full rollback, since as usual, the number of people exploiting it is relatively low.

What normally happens with these (and I’m gonna make numbers up to illustrate a point, not be completely accurate) is that 75% of players weren’t even logged in during the period it happened. Of the 25%, about another 90% weren’t even aware there was a problem, and may have gotten a double/triple reward accidentally. Of the remaining 2.5% of playerbase, most folks are honest, and either don’t use it or use it one or twice to see if it works… leaving a tiny number of people who exploit it a lot, whom we go and fix.


Any idea when the rollbacks will be completed? I had no idea it was a bug, but I know I must have gotten it at least three times before I figured out something was wrong. I don’t want to play and lose trophies/etc. So, I’d rather wait until rollback is completed. any way to know?


Maybe a reward for those of us honest enough to not exploit the bug even though we knew about it?

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What was the problem? I mean i don’t want to know how to do the exploit but what happened? People got double rewards?

It was actualy infinite reward. Any action caused that your last mail gets sent again.

Is there any ETA on the rollbacks? Kinda sitting in limbo not wanting to invest much time till its resolved.

rollback is inly for those who explited the bug. otherwise would be really unfair.
I didn’t even notice it existed and farmed TSs for my cards.
Yesterday a guildmate of mine pulled queen aurora from the guildchesy and then farmed TSs until traited her almost to full. Rollback everyone would be nasty and unfair @sirrian
So, @Gilgamesh unless u are an exploiter, i’d say you can play normally, just like i’ll do ^^


generally in my guild serval LTS at once isn’t that uncommon, but I figured out what was up fairly quickly and had some fun. Came on forum to put in a report and one was up. I can’t send tickets in from the mobile I use so I sent a pm. I’m not hiding it, I was not being sneaky or malicious. I am due a reset.


Ah that’s why I had two level up rewards. Got a whole 1 event key and 100 glory extra. yawn. At least it wasn’t like that glory bug where I got infinite glory and had to have my account reset. :slight_smile: Usually these sort of bugs happen after weekly reset.

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@sirrian can you let us know how the rollback will be handled? some in my guild think they will be rolled back and dont want to do pvp or guild wars because they think it wont count due to roll back.

are you guys taking away what was earned in that period of time or everything from that time to the time you do rollback?

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They roleback resources and troops, it shouldnt affect points earned in GW or trophies.

so doing pvp for gold would be useless right now for people who get rolled back

Can we have a progress update please?


I’d appreciate an update:
Do we know what happened?
Are we safe to open up Legendary Tasks in our mailbox?

If I am reading Australian time right, it is currently 11:10 am on Monday in Sydney.

– Tranimo

Update time!

Rollbacks are all completed for players that exploited this bug.

You are free to open your mail to your heart’s content.

In regards to what happened, a fix was deployed that was intended to correct the bug where some players weren’t receiving their guild rewards mail. However, it worked a little too well… Those involved are now reflecting on their poor life choices. :slight_smile:


I opened my mail about an hour ago when you said in global it had been fixed.
I had about 10 LTs which seemed to be more or less what I should have expected. But I have clicked on “Claim all” by accident and received 5 Venoxia, 5 000 glories, 900 gems… So there is obviously something wrong.
Should I send a request to the support?