Revert Night Spider changes

I know this has been asked for before but was largely ignored so I’m asking again:

Please return Night Spider to its original state.

The change to Night Spider, no matter what was said, was a massive nerf.

Web gems can overwrite purple gems which drastically reduces the chances for an extra turn.

Losing the turn with web gems on the board is a huge advantage to the enemy team which should not be the effect of a spell.

Unless you fundamentally change how special gems work in a way that they can’t overwrite the color they can be matched with, Night Spider is not a troop that can safely be used now.

Since the changes were not supposed to be nerfs, please change it back.


This is not a special gem issue. This a gem “creation” issue. Any spell which says it creates X gem of y color lies to you. Something can only be created to fill up a void, but no void spaces on the board. So create equals transform.
The problem is that any “create” spell can replace the same color, losing effectiveness.

This isn’t 100% true. Because if Night Spider only created Web Gems (and not Blue Gems), those Web Gems wouldn’t be able to overwrite Purple Gems.

Spells that create two distinct types of Gems have always been able to overwrite one another. During the original spell for Night Spider, the Blue Gems it created could overwrite Purple Gems originally on the board and vice versa.

But there appears to be something in the code wherein the “non-traditional” (Web) Gems created by the Night Spider’s spell can overwrite the “basic” Gems of the “same” color. Which becomes an issue only for the Night Spider (right now) because I can’t recall another troop that creates multiple Gem types with its’ spell with one of them being a “special” / “non-traditional” type.

And I believe it’s unique (at the moment) to a dual creator like this; I spent the entire last “Faction Assault Update” weekend playing with a Sheggra/Flame Spirit team and never did I see Sheggra’s spell overwrite a Flame Gem with a Red Gem. (Though it obviously would then convert any Flame Gems on the board to Skulls.)

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Let’s say it like this: any purple gems or gems that could be matched with purple should not be overwritten by any other purple gems or gems that could be matches with purple.

As long as they do, web gems are a nerf to night spider.

If we lose a turn with extra purple gems on the board that could suck, yes.

But losing with web gems on the board cripples our own team.

Right now, using night spider is too much of a risk so it made a decent troop basically unusable and killed one specific team, making a mythic that had become good useless again.

I’m pretty sure the devs aren’t aware of this issue even though it has been raised before.

A (new) kingdom gimmick should never destroy a troop.