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Revered Dragonkitty

There is currently no way to get more than 1 Revered Dragonkitty, this would be the only pet to not have some way to get extras, even event and pure cosmetic pets have some way for the player to collect more than 1 of them. I have a few ways that you could allow players to get more than 1 Revered Dragonkitty without messing with any of the games honor mechanics.
1: It could be a way to keep earning honors past revered: Since there is nothing to earn after you reach revered even if you earn more honors than ever, I think there should be a way to see how many honors you have and how much it will take to get to the next rank, once you reach revered a new section unlocks, and every 100 honors you earn you would get 1 Dragonkitty. This would encourage players to continue to be helpful and respectful players even after they reach revered and would also give them yet another reason to login daily; to earn more honors. It would also take time to get Dragonkitty to level 20 as players can’t just farm honors.

2: it could be in the daily login bonuses: Once you reach revered status, if you login every day for a week then the final reward in the “7-day” rewards could be 1 Dragonkitty. This would give players yet another reason to keep logging in daily as if you miss 1 day, it resets. It would also make getting Dragonkitty to level 20 take time to get. It could also be in the monthly rewards. Just somewhere in the daily rewards is what I’m saying.

3: After you reach revered status it could be in the shop, 1 Dragonkitty for 100 gems or 3 Dragonkitties for $5 or $10 ($10 US is $14.2 in AUD), this would give players an incentive to spend more money without spending so much that they feel like it’s pointless. You could also put a limit on the number of purchases a player can make for it as like other purchases to stop players from just getting a level 20 Dragonkitty right then and there; 1 Dragonkitty purchase a week or even 1 a month. This would make it so that it would take a while for players to get level 20 on Dragonkitty and you’d be making more money in the process. It would also encourage the completionist players to spend more money as it’d be the only way to get more that 1 Dragonkitty.

4: It could be in the PvP rewards: Once you reach revered status it could be one of the rewards when you reach Tier 1 or even top 100 Rank in PvP. This would once again make it take time for players to get a level 20 Dragonkitty and give them an incentive to continue to login, if it was top 100 rank.

5: Final one, Now, this is a bit of a weird one so I left it for the end: There could be an underworld faction dedicated to Dragonkitties. Since every faction is connected to a Krystara kingdom, there could be an underworld faction that isn’t connected to one and the pet rewards could be the Revered Dragonkitty, this faction would only be unlockable once you reach Revered status obviously.

Please think about it, as it will be nice to get Dragonkitty past level 5 :slight_smile: