Revenge rewards

At least change the revenge rewards with different rewards i mean 30 souls, 3000 gold for every 15 wins and to top it off 1 lousey event key. Something with a bit more interest wouldn’t go a miss.

Pvp defense and revenge bonus is among the very old features, barely older than Pvp itself. Back then, those were pretty good rewards. I’m not sure, if anyone still cares or would even notice if it did not exist anymore.
Unlike treasure hunt for example, people don’t play Pvp for these specific rewards, but pick them up as a goodie along the way, so there is no real need to adjust them.

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If no one cares about the treasure hunt could they not at least add a feature to convert the maps to a specific reward?

I rarely see non meta teams on defense anymore. I thought no one cared about revenge/rival. Every time i tell people they ignore me lol

Two thirds of the teams I meet are optimised, the other third are freebies (like four bombs and such).
It varies, how players deal with this, and to be honest, I think I only changed my defense team two or three times in eight years.

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Even if you care about treasure hunt, we get way too many maps. I play it daily to fall asleep and I have 1796 - LOL. You can use them to craft vault keys, but there’s no point since the other ingredients required are more annoying to get than what you are likely to end up with from doing a vault.

What is a meta team?

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I think, that’s the term for an optimised build, that is used as a standard template among advanced players. Think of the typical life&death-orbweaver/arachnean weaver setup, the usual builds around the new journey troops (Chalcedony, Seekra…), or anything with three wyrms for example.

Meta being what is popular.

At this point it would be 3x Eye of Arges/Great Wyrm, or Chalcedony/Seekra/Todd teams or double empowered Beetrix or Zuul teams