Revenge list broken

Hittting the Revenvge button it used to be provide a blue dialog saying no one attacked lately. For some time instead it goes to the waiting animation with skull going circle and stuck that way endlessly.

Hi Pasa,

Are you still having this problem?

Yes, just tried, same endless circling. When there were entries those appeared immediately.

Hi Pasa,

I chatted to the rest of the team and we believe the problem you are seeing may be part of the server issues that have been happening to players recently.

We want to wait and see if the fix currently being done by the server provider resolves the issue before we look into it further.

ATM situation unchanged (everything else works normal for a few hours).

The monitor reports steady 280 B/sec receive for the applicaiton as network activity without anything received. And it just keeps running the wait animation.

Looks working okay now.

Good to hear!