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Returning player, one year later

So I haven’t played in a year, or more.
Updated and booted the game now, it looks very different (still need to get used to it) and I see that I can speed things up to an absurd level (good).
What more did I miss? Except for lots of new troops of course.

I left the game before the guild wars started, they just introduced some odd statues in the guilds and event bundles.

Most bummed to see that there’s still no portrait mode. :frowning:

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do the minigames - dungeon every day, it resets daily
and check frequently can you (or can you not) upgrade soulforge (another minigame) to the next level already, it progresses with kills (any)

also there is a daily sale in the dungeon ->offers, sold new currency types (jewels) for 50 gems, its not a bad deal (best deal at sunday)

Thanks! I will look into it. :slight_smile:
I remember your user name, we might have shared guild way back. Or I’m being confused. LOLcatz?

no idea i have a short memory, but my nick is quite unique so it might be me…
i was in a random guild i cant remmemberm then in Some Guild for a good several months, now in Dark Riders
there was a period of several months when i was very active in game chat so you could know me from that too