Returning player looking for some direction

Hello everyone,

I am an Xbox player returning to the game after leaving in the weeks after pets were introduced to the game. I have found time to be able to get back on and fairly contribute to a guild again and was hoping you wonderful souls could give me some direction for priorities in the games current climate.

As I said above, when I left, pets had only just be introduced and a lot of things have changed since then. I am over level 1000 and had all troops available when I left. So far I have logged back into the game and started towards getting the new kingdom quests completed and quickly unlocking the remaining classes.

Any direction, focus points, troops to aim for and pitfalls to avoid would be appreciated so I can smoothly transition back into regular play.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Come online for the days that have deeds on the Adventure Board.
  2. Pick up High King Irongut from the Soulforge for an easy time through a good portion of the released delves so far.
  3. Level up hero classes, many have uses.
  4. Some troops like The Wild Queen may have been buffed since you played.
  5. Be somewhat active during Vault event weekend so you can catch up on pets.
  6. Check the Soulforge weekly for event weapons you probably missed. Grosh’Nak for Earth’s Fury (next week’s kingdom, actually), Pridelands for Rope Dart, Bright Forest for Trickster’s Shot to name a few. The original 6 doomskull creating weapons are great too, but are expensive to craft.
  7. Check on Tuesday’s for Delve events to buy a Delve’s weapon if you want for Gems. Silver Necropolis and All Seeing Eye have 2 of the better weapons.

I don’t think you’ve missed too much content besides delves since pets released.

There’s a new system in place for events called potions (for Raid/Invasion/Tower of Doom/Factions/Class Events/Bounty) where it gives you additional bonuses and stat bonuses for repeated tier 7. You can see potions in their respective shops. The more you know. They don’t carry over from event to event.

Try to buy the weapons from every Tower of Doom event, since waiting to craft them isn’t worth the cost. Do what you can. Most of the current Raid/Invasion weapons are Divine Protector like weapons. Get them if they appeal to you.

The only pitfall I’d suggest is don’t get too obsessive over getting an orb of chaos. They’re usually not worth the extra gems to place on a leaderboard.

Oh, and don’t get the upgrades for Doomed Club and Doomed Blade where it creates a color gem, though I dont think you’ll have to worry about that any time soon.

Faction stuff:

Delves are the place where you get most of your legendary and mythic ingots for weapons.

There’s many good underworld faction troops to pick up, so as soon as you can spend some time in delves (which is easier on Tuesday or new faction weekend), you can obtain them with shards. Harpy Mage (Stonesong Eyrie), The Maraji Queen (Sunken Fleet), King Gobtruffle (Amanithrax) to name a few.

Optional: some people like to leave 1 faction with a high treasure value at level 20 for daily delve reward farming. Wild Court, Silver Necropolis, or The Warrens are a good choice. I don’t use a farming delve personally, since Tuesday and new weekend delves provide me enough shards to live on.

Another pitfall: Any progress made in Tuesday/New Weekend Faction Assaults carry over to daily delves, so keep that in mind if you do decide to have a level 20 farming faction. Tuesday Faction Assaults always start at level 20, even if you made progress to them prior.