Returning player looking for guild

Hello everyone!
I would like to join a guild that do a lot of legendary tasks,but dont care much about Gw.I can get 500k gold,maybe even more/week.All of my kingdoms are level 10,and all questlines and challenges are completed.I need to catch up with troops,and thats only possible with a super active guild.
Edit:Found a guild,thanks everyone for helping.

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Reconsidered what you are looking for:
Getting to legendary tasks needs that every member donates 566k gold. So more then what you offer. And thats just to reach leg tasks.
If yoy offer just 500-600k gold a week, why would a guild with 10+ legendary tasks offer a spot to you? They won’t so lower your expectations.
Not trying to be rude, just want to point you in the right direction.


Oh so things changed now,thanks.In my time 500k gold was a lot(1 year ago)and not many people done it.And i heard getting gold is not easy in a maxed guild,because the game thinks surge makes you 10x powerful,and enemies give way less gold,than in a guild that has low level statues(i getting 4500 gold against most 3 trophy enemies atm)Of course i can do way more,but the chance to burn out is way bigger too.Doing 500+ pvp battles every week agaisnt double Famine is not very pleasant with 7600 power.

Well things indeed changed a lot.
For example my average weekly donation is 1m-1.1m gold. I do around 400 trophies on average.
Our guild completes from 10-15 legendary tasks a week. I think you will notice you get a lot more gold now with less effort. I played in the past too so i know from what time you are coming from.

I can offer you this: You can join us on Sunday (we will probably have a spot open). If you are interested we can take this to private msgs?

with 7600 teamscore power you dont need to worry about the gold cap yet, i think you will be offered 1500, 1800 base gold often?

Our guild asks 500k. We all do more, but it isn’t a requirement