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Returning Player: Advice on Priorities Please

I recently returned after maybe 8-12 months. When I left there were 18ish cities, level cap was 15, no traits. I came back as a level 193, with 6000 gold keys and 3000 glory keys. Had all legendaries out at that point – most of the then strong legendaries I have at level 15, with cities ranging from level 3 to 8. I have both Dragon and Celestial Armor. My main pvp team was Hero w green, Behemoth, Carnex, Silent One and this was a fairly good team. Just so I could improve without thinking too much, I unlocked archer (green) for the hero and levelled it to 20. This was probably a silly idea as my pvp team still stinks. My main farming team was Hero with torch (generates one red wherever you want), alchemist, valkyrie & banshee, all 15. I spent some traitstones getting Valkyrie’s second trait, and can earn the soul cap quickly with this team provided the level is easy enough that I can crank the difficulty. Everyone talks about Mercy, maybe that makes for a stronger farm team, but my current farm team still seems pretty good for doing quests and challenges. I don’t currently have tons of souls, gold or traitstones, but I do still have tons of chests to open. I joined a guild.

Priorities, suggestions?

Also, I have a fair number of extra copies of troops, especially commons. That is from prior play, not from the mostly still unused chest keys I mentioned above.