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Return tier titles but based on ladder not low-ish score

When i was displeased with tier titles it was because of every diligent newb can reach the title “Champion” with enough time. Replacing score tiers with ladder placement would make titles feel deserved.

Any “diligent newb” can spend hours a day doing the same thing and get to rank 1 also.

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By reaching rank 1 you were champion of your home kingdom, not champion of the leaderboards. There are no additional tiers that yield rewards past reaching rank one at 1900 points.
Your request only works if you are the first and fastest player to reach rank one on Monday reset.

Giving more resources at milestones like each 1k points or in higher intervals would be an incentive to play more PVP.
That would also allow for more tier titles past rank one.


Exactly this. I’m still shocked after all this time that they haven’t made this change.