Return of Old Warbands

I didn’t obtain enough warcoins to get all five original warbands by the 5.6 update and unfortunately, the one I missed was Entangled Woods.

Can we please have another warband rotation soon so I can pick up the banner I’m missing?


Hell no!
next rotations another 2 new ones will shop up, and another 2 will be gone for nobody know how long…

I don’t see why old warbands are ever removed when new ones are added. We know how to scroll horizontally to access all sort of features in the game (guild tasks etc). Why can’t we just scroll horizontally to browse the full range of warbands???

That’s how the system works for every other shop in the game. Its not Rocket Science…

Also, while the warbands themselves are worth buying, the boosters are terrible. I don’t know how useful they are to VERY new players, but buying extra copies of rare to epic troops is completely irrelevant for anyone, although a shortcut to buying the traitstones could be useful.

TBH, you could replace the permanent option to buy “boosters” with an upgrade pack that includes enough traitstones for the relevant troops, or simply buy the traits directly. Heck, you could even sell it as three troop-specific “Major Orbs of Wisdom” each of which is only usable on a specified troop.


Because you can pay real $$$ for more warbands they are using FOMO (fear of missing out) to suck some more revenue out of players. They even make an official post warning when warbands are about to be removed. Pretending to be a nice “heads up” for players is actually a prodding to spend $ now before you miss out!!!


I get that. If they choose to put an “offer ends soon, buy it now” warning on the item, its pretty obvious that they don’t mind being seen to use such tactics.

I don’t blame them for trying it on, but when they get called out on it (which you have just done, I was trying to be more subtle), do they make a change that shows they respect the players, or do they double down on the “you want the stuff, we want your money” and refuse to budge?

It depends how they want to be seen by the playerbase. Its up to you, devs…

I am currently missing three banners, from Dark Assassins, Fire and Fury and Poison Fangs. Fortunately they are all in the shop as of now, and I currently have 80 Warcoins.

BTW, genuine thanks to the devs for the Warcoins on todays Adventure Board :slight_smile:

Anyhoo, I guess I understand how the system works. I guess I’ll be saving my Warcoins until the “ending soon, buy it now” warning turns up. I’ve waited this long, I can wait a little longer.

same strategy with tarot legendary cards, just more mean

Anyone know when the next rotation will be?

I’ve got enough Warcoins to buy another Warband, but I’m only interested in it for the extra team slot and the banner.

However the only one remaining that I don’t have in the current group is the Dark Assassins and their banner is Blue++ Green+ Brown- which is virtually identical to the Ocularen Banner (except with Blue and Green swapped) and would seem a waste if there’s something else going to be available that I don’t yet have.

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