Resurrecting a troop of your choice

What’s up gang,

I’ve been wondering how about having a troop that can resurrect another troop that was eliminated from your team. The troop of your choice would be given to you once the spell is cast. The image of the troop would be shown in the space it was in. Making it easy for you to choose from. (Is this in the game already? :thinking:)

Any one else has a similar or better idea which involves bringing back a troop of your choice during battle?

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too much bug potential.
devs don’t even manage currently…


In my opinion the idea is hot. With the right team I can see them pulling it off, if they managed.

They wouldn’t manage and it’s not needed.

Why it’s not needed? Is it because there are troops who can summon other troops (which is not the same idea I mean), or is it another reason? I would like to know.

You build yiur team based on what troop you can summon, this is particularly true in pf delves. You attack knowing what troop your opponent may summon. It just would’ve work, particularly in GW.

I don’t hate it, but it would be a UI change (a spell that needs to (a) target an empty slot, not a full one, and (b) show an image of what will appear in the empty slot) and, y’know, track record on those hasn’t been great lately…

It feels like there might be some fiddly edge cases:

  • what if the team order has been changed by an enemy attack? the game has to track what troop was originally in each empty space across rearrangements?
  • what if the empty space has also had a replacement troop summoned into and then killed? do you resurrect the original troop, the replacement, offer a choice?

and I also suspect it might be of limited use in practice compared to a more general-purpose troop or weapon that has a summon as a side-effect.

Copycat and Mirror Queen have “pick an existing troop to duplicate” spells which are somewhat similar, but which fit in better with the “target an ally or enemy troop” mechanic for spell casting.

Ok, I’m trying to understand what you mean (I’m a bit off though). A thought came to me though, my idea would work if it were battles being fought in storymode. As for those other game modes, I don’t know how it would work (I mean as a defense team). Well, that’s why I’m bringing it up. Still sounds like a good idea though but what you bring up has me thinking.:thinking:

I thought about these things too.

Phrasing it this way makes it sound so simple – you are basically selecting a slot and summoning whichever troop last occupied it? This could also be an interesting way to get a Gnome back on the team if it Runs Away. (…but who even uses Gnome teams?) An important caveat is that just like standard summons the Troop’s level must be limited by the caster’s Magic stat.

Yes, that sounds correct. Compare the following:

  • Enemy team formation: Troop1 Troop2 (empty) Troop3
  • Spellcast: War Goat (Dynamite Goat , Rift Lynx, etc) on Troop1
    Resulting enemy formation:
  • Troop2 (empty) Troop3 Troop1
    There was technically no need to shift Troop2 up one slot but that’s precisely what happened.

Also don’t forget we had a bug of summoned troops inheriting traits from the troop that previously died in that slot.

Yea, my idea sounds more of a challenge. A problem perhaps. Hey, I don’t have the mind of a developer so I can’t beat myself up so much (I did mentality trying to see this through). I’m just some guy with an idea, an idea that could be big problem. Ok I’m letting this go (still holding on to this in my head though, it’s a cool idea) :pleading_face::pensive::thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow::upside_down_face: