Respawns Troll of the Quarter Award Winner

Whether it be the current winner, or previous winners such as Bandits or Infernal King.

There always seems to be one troop type who respawns tremendously more than the advertised rate.
But the mechanic is never broken. “RNG can be just be streaky”.


It is a good reason to medal it, then. If not for Geoff’s sake.

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I thought it was time to bring this back. Just swap mythic with respawn.

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Just like a Unicorn, your legitimate algorithms are fictitious.

Let’s just say that I’m fictitious and hit the trifecta.

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Not to get too existential.
But if everything is God’s…drrr…I mean “RNG’s will”.

How can we mortals ever tell if the RNG is ever broken? Because even if it’s broken, probability can explain it away.

We all know RNG is streaky in this game …
Myself, I tend to agree bandit respawns are down, ancient horror up. But this, of course, anecdotal.


There is indeed no way for us to know if RNG is broken, in this game. It feels broken, but a feeling is much different from the fact.

But I think we wouldn’t have played and enjoyed this game for this long if the AI was absolutely dependant on RNG or luck. We would have won more and lost interest. I believe AI in this game tinkers the luck in its favor every now and then, but one thing is for sure. We always have the first turn which is big in a luck based game.

For me, it feels like Infernal king respawn rate is higher in pet rescue especially in the last 5 minutes. :cold_face:

yeah, especially in those battle where you end up with 9-10 kills… 6-7 of them are from IK…