[RESOLVED] Upcoming German troop translation will be introducing a duplication

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
There will be a new troop introduced into the game as of early december, troop id 6954 “Tomb Knight”. The German translation for this is

"[Troop_K09_22_NAME]": "Grabritter",
"[Troop_K09_22_DESC]": "Weil Grabritter, Grabritter, Grabritter, wooooh-oh!",

While this translation is technically correct, it clashes with another troop already present in the game, id 6107 “Grave Knight”:

"[Troop_K13_04_NAME]": "Grabritter",
"[Troop_K13_04_DESC]": "Eigentlich wollte er ein Gruftritter werden, aber Superman war zu stark für ihn.",

I would suggest changing (including the descriptions to keep consistency) them to:

"[Troop_K13_04_NAME]": "Grabritter",
"[Troop_K13_04_DESC]": "Eigentlich wollte er ein Katakombenritter werden, aber Superman war zu stark für ihn.",
"[Troop_K09_22_NAME]": "Gruftritter",
"[Troop_K09_22_DESC]": "Weil Gruftritter, Gruftritter, Gruftritter, wooooh-oh!",

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
When the tomb knight translation was introduced into the game files

Steps to make it happen again
check my discord bot for de!troop 6107 and de!troop 6954.

//edit made a quick check, and the same seems to be happening to a second troop (Kobold 6957 vs Hobgoblin 6128) as well:

"[Troop_K11_04_NAME]": "Kobold",
"[Troop_K60_00_NAME]": "Kobold",

I would suggest changing it to:

"[Troop_K11_04_NAME]": "Waldschrat",
"[Troop_K60_00_NAME]": "Kobold",

to avoid confusion.


both fixed, marking topic as resolved. Thanks!

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