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(Resolved-ish) Samsung Chromebook Lag

@Kafka I am reporting this under the Support thread because I don’t know if it is a software issue or a hardware issue. If you know feel free to chime in, but essentially I am looking for advice from those who know more about Chromebooks than myself.

Yesterday I purchased a Samsung 2 in 1 Chromebook V2.

Today I finally got a chance to play Gems of War on it. When in the default setting, when the device looks like a normal laptop…Gems of War runs great! Even faster than my Samsung Galaxy S9+.
But…when I switch into tablet mode, with the keyboard flipped over. I experience extreme lag…so to me (with limited experience) it appears to be a processor issue. Can anything be done to resolve this? I am kind of stuck with this device since it’s the only I can find that I can connect to 4G LTE with.

I had a HP 2 in 1 prior to this and was able to play Gems of War without any sort of processor issues no matter the layout I was using it with. But with that, all the power was in the tablet and the keyboard was detachable. With this Chromebook its the reverse it appears and the keyboard cannot be detached.

I appreciate any help that can be offered, and if no one knows anything then I guess I can download other games and try to test them out as well. It just seems super weird to me to have a device that’s designed to be used as a tablet but to cut the processor (or memory) when doing so. I don’t know.

Hm, that seems weird. I did a little search; check out:

The top one suggests it may be associated with the “drag down to enter Overview mode” aspect of the UI. Maybe see if that’s when it starts lagging for you.

The OP from #2 apparently experienced a lot of improvement from laggy to smooth after doing a “ChromeOS reflash” :man_shrugging:.


So as far as I can tell. “Flashed” is just another word for “power wash” or to do a “factory reset”. Which sucks because it just came from the factory. :frowning:
Thanks for your help though. That seems to have fixed it. And it negates the 5 hours I spent last night installing my various Google accounts and GoW on each account (7 total). Just to do it all over again now tomorrow. :man_shrugging:
But at least I’ll be able to play GoW in tablet mode.

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The lag started happening again the next day.
It finally dawned on me. For whatever reason it only happens when I use the stylus to play in tablet mode. So that’s an easy fix. I’ll leave this thread up in case any future generations have the same issue.
But yeah an easy work around.