RESOLVED How does this trait actually work in game?

I just finished a battle that has me baffled.
Knight Coronet/Templar/Queen Ysabelle/Sir Gwayne - Fully traited, Mythic level

At the start of every round they gained Armor Bonus. At one point they were all like in the 100s.

No Queen Ysabelle was not casting each round

The trait on Templar says “Allied gain 3 armor when defending in PVP”

But it doesn’t say every turn.

Someone want to clue me in how this team managed to get every round more Armor points…

It gives all humans armor at the start of each turn with her third trait

Was Ysabelle fully traited? Her last trait is give 2 armor to all humans at the start of each turn.

I was seeing bigger numbers than 2. I actually found the team again and am going to record it to see how many points they get each round. Like I said it was in the 100s, and she managed to cast only twice. I kept them mana starved :slight_smile:

QY doesn’t need to cast her spell to give armor. Her trait does it passively each turn.
Did Templar cast his spell often? He gives armor as well. Plus they are all boosted by the weekly event.

Templars spell buffs all allies with quite a lot of armor, also 4 human 25% boosted Knights with team Bonus, already start with very sizeable armor values.

You need to ‘Stun’ Queen Ysabelle if you want to prevent her Third Trait from activating, it procs as the start of every turn.

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Easy counter? Valk/tesla ftw!

Yeah that 3rd trait plus Templar spell gives a mad boost especially if there are an arse load of red gems.

It wasn’t from either casting …I had them mana starved so bad it was most amusing match. Even their 4 matches didn’t help them (and they did get some)

I went up against it again and found that within 10 turns that 2+ does add up quickly with their bonuses this week.

I just hadn’t see it go that high so fast.

Thank you. I got my answer.