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(RESOLVED) Entangle glitch?

Everytime ive started a fight today my top character is always entangled, doesnt matter who is on the enemy team. Starting to grate me now. So many bugs ive encountered this weekend is ridiculous.

There are hero talents that entangle the first enemy at the start of battle. Sunspear is one class that can do this. I suspect you are facing heros that chose this talent.

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I was checking each enemy troop everytime it happened and none had the ability to do so. If their is troops and weapons that can do this then fair enough, but none that i encountered.

It’s not on a weapon or on a troop, hero talents you check on the Traits page for their Hero

And every Hero class that has a Forest tree has this talent

And by every time you mean like 4 battles in a row or 50 battles in a row (because that would be really un/lucky)


It was actually 7 PvP matches in a row, so it must be a popular choice. Might have to try it myself.

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You can find some more details on Talents here!

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It’s very possible 7 of those matches were against the same exact 3 players. But yes during Raids/Invasions week. Archer class is probably the most popular hero class.