RESOLVED: Disappearing in-game mail (TIP: open mail from top to bottom)

Last week, my wife had 6 mails in her mailbox, she clicked her path to glory 1 reward mail, and got an empty blue ERROR box with a SUPPORT button. All she can do is close the game.
When she opened up her game again, and clicked mail, all her mail was gone, except for 2, guild wars weekly reward and guild task.
She never got her paid for path to glory 1 reward.
Support ticket is now open for a week, and not resolved.

This week, THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED… She again lost ALL her mails, except for 2: weekly guild wars reward and a guild task rewards mail, that was missing almost all guild task rewards.

Myself, I didn’t even get any mails today, at all???
I only got my weekly guild wars reward and my guild tasks reward email.
I NEVER got:
Gems of war - Path to glory 1
Gems of war - Daily VIP reward
Gems of war - Daily reward
Gems of war - Weekly reward
Gems of war - Daily guild wars victory

So I’m now missing 3 days of path to glory 1 that i paid for…
This is becoming such a mess and burden, that I’m thinking about getting my path of glory money reimbursed and quit playing the game all together.

Everything got finally resolved by support, with a lot of effort, as the mails even kept disappearing while support was sending them.

And as you can read further down the thread, this might be related to opening mails from bottom to top.
So be safe, and don’t do that :slight_smile:

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Hi Mad_Butch,

Not sure what’s causing the issue, but if you write to our support guys, they’ll happily check the account, and reissue any missed rewards:

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My wife is pretty upset, as it’s two weeks in a row now, and she never got reimbursed for last week.
Ticket is open under LEGENDTERRI.

I’ll start creating the new tickets now :frowning:

i have a similar problem with mails they disappear before i can loot

It’ll be resolved tomorrow, I’m sure… I’ve passed the name along to the support team.


I had the same problem last week so I sent in a ticket and a week later I still haven’t heard anything. I also didn’t get all my guild task rewards today.

HI Maxx,

There’s been a HUGE backup of tickets from last week (we’ve had people out on leave), but I promise the ticket is still in the queue to get addressed


I thought support would have been really busy that’s why I haven’t said anything yet besides this post.

Hi Sirrian,

My wife wanted me to ask you, if you know what happened to her ticket.
Her new ticket from this week got merged with her old ticket from last week, but that’s the only thing that happened at all.

We’re now half a week later, and she’s afraid it’s going to happen to her again next week, and then she’ll be missing 3 weeks of Monday mails.

I understand it can be quite busy, but my missing mails have been resolved, yet hers are still open.

Could you check to see what’s the hold up?

Many thanks!

Kind regards,

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@Sirrian Ticket has now be open for almost 2 weeks to the day, with no activity from supports end in the last 10 days, even after your involvement and her providing tons of info on the missing mails.

At this point, she has given up on it, because she feels totally ignored by your, otherwise excellent, support.

She is gonna start a reimbursement process tomorrow on steam to get her money back.

I can see why… You can’t sell someone something, then not deliver (parts of) it and totally ignore them when they even provide you the exact info you need to fix the issue.

I have no clue what went wrong here, because normally support is great.

i just lost 5 mails of guild war daily wins?
now sure how to treat it…
they should add to my personal seal count right? not just disappear since they had longer cooldown.

i am not sure am i able to check if i gained any personal seals, ill check if i have proper screen shot when i get home

@Mad_Butch one of our support team is looking into your wife’s ticket now and will be resolving the issue within the hour.

I think they are sending her the missing mails, as she did get some, but now she keeps getting the yellow blinking exclamation mark on her mail, but when she clicks it, nothing is there.

So I think they are sending her the remaining missing mails, but she’s not getting them…

i checked what screen shot i had , so here

my seals/mails/wins state from yesterday:

and my current seals:

i did not know my guild win mails will be deleted without waiting for the expiration date

edit: sent a support ticket
edit2: my ticket has been resolved

Fyi…i had an issue. Made a ticket. It was resolved and made whole and was given a couple bonus keys as a kind gesture. Youll be made whole just have patience.

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The issue finally got resolved, it was a long road, since everything kept going wrong… the mails where actually disappearing while they were re-sending them to her.

But here is a tip for everyone, as this seems like it might cause issues:
Open your mail from top to bottom, not the other way around.

It went wrong multiple for my wife, when she clicked the bottom mail first, and all the mails above it disappeared.


Glad to hear it @Mad_Butch! We were very worried about this issue. I’m glad it all got sorted out. Thanks @Lila36 for working so hard on it!


For sure… thanks Lila36!
I was watching as the mails where disappearing as fast as they came in :slight_smile:


Glad to see it resolved for ya brudda

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@Saltypatra this potential “order of opening messages” sounds exactly like something the support team should test and investigate further. Before big pats on the back are awarded for resending mail and calling it “resolved”.

As it might prevent this type of incident from ever reoccurring in the future.

@Mad_Butch glad everything got sorted for you and your wife.

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