[RESOLVED] Campaign is still short 3 stars

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
According to your message last week, I was expecting to receive 3 Stars for the Campaign in my mailbox. No such message (or its equivalent) has been received.


I was not expecting it to be here today (or any of the last few days). Not sure how to play this one. :thinking:


Just in case the promise was forgotten, here is the message


I didn’t get any 50 gems today. It was bugged too I think coz I received it few days ago.

Well to be fair they said this week, not specifically at reset at the start of the week

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To be further fair they also say a lot of things like fixed in 6.0 then it isn’t so they say again fixed in 6.1 or that something is working as intended until it is fixed in a future patch. I don’t think their word is that reliable lol I feel bad for the community managers @OminousGMan @Kafka @Jeto as I am sure this is what they are told by their bosses and they forward it on to us only to be made to look like liars.


So what happens if this bug isn’t fixed by end of campaign? No Mythic for you? Wouldn’t put it past them - here’s 50 gems in compensation!

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I guess I just thought it would make the most sense to hand out the missing stars at weekly reset. I’m glad they did show up before the end of the week.

Obviously, this has been superceded by Nimhain’s excellent post. I just pray that level of communication and common sense can be maintained somehow.

this thread should be locked as the number of stars issue is resolved.
(basically we get one bronze task done (3 stars) for doing nothing)