(Resolved) 1500+ Magic control is missing

What about our remaining points???
I am lv 1519 and what is with my other points? I miss my remaining points.:sob:
I think the other people lv 1500+ have this problem.

This Picture is for my friend and he is lv 1924

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I am +1800 and that was what I thought too. But I kept a screenshot close to the point where masteries stopped and my numbers are higher now. It seems all levels have been distributed among masteries equally. In my case, 300 levels, so 50 points for each color.


Not on xbox it didn’t. I’m level 1960 and my masteries are all the same as before patch. Except for the +1 I got for leveling up yesterday.

I am missing the mastery points from level 1500+ too on PS4 :frowning:
Level 1675 but I still only have 250 ish points in each colour, I was levelling them all evenly prior to 1500.

This thread should really be moved to Bug Reports also I think.

Moved it for you.

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I’ve put in a ticket. I’ll let yous know the response.

Anyone know what mastery you would need for 66% and 67%? I know 504 is 65%.

Here is the formula

66% at 585
67% at 693
Theoretical max is 73%

Guys, I have noticed I used a wrong screenshot to compare (from level 1370). So my masteries have not increased either. Devs have to fix this. It is unbalanced for us now…

Being the highest level ingame what should my pts be if spread out evenly over each color?i just recently leveled up again and got the choice to pick which has been forever since ive even seen that screen so not sure what my totals should be xD

Used to be the max occurred at 1501, where you could get 250 in each for a total of 1500. Take your level, subtract one. That’s the total you should have if you got one every level.

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I hope we will be able to distribute all the remaining points in the future

in that case im missing manyyy xD

We’re looking into this :slight_smile: