Resident Evil: GoW Edition

The devs did it. Yes, that’s right they did it. Remember that scene in the 1st Resident Evil movie, the one with Milla Jovovich? The guy takes some containers, and sabotages the place by tossing the T-Virus in the room before exiting the joint?

Well, the same thing has happened here. A dev got tired of all the whining and complaining and the insults that they decided to cause a similar scenario in Gems of War. A troop was created to give goodies and bring a sense of relief to the mundane grinding. Mr. Kris “Happy Treats” Krinkle as I call him.

With this same troop someone took it upon themselves to use it as a weapon. A weapon maybe to get even. Mass banning, hard earn trophy earnings deducted, tasks set on locked down preventing them from being completed, causing a mass hysteria leaving everyone to get infected.

Yes, someone took it upon themselves indeed. Who is this someone? A dev who wanted to teach us a lesson? Or a dev who wanted to sell Kris Krinkle on the black market for their own gain? To hold players at ransom and see who will cough up the most VIP cash in order to bring things to normal?

Who? I surely don’t know who but it was a dev for sure. Some might call the latest fiasco an act of incompetence, negligence, but don’t rule out the possibility of a dev gone bad.


“This is purely for entertainment purposes so please don’t take this seriously.”


A Resident Evil… movie… reference

I came expecting nothing and left disappointed