Resetting account on Xbox One

Not sure whether this is the place to bring up this issue, but I’ve tried to reset my account progress on my Xbox One but whatever I try it won’t work. I know that it’s not recommended to reset but I would really like to start from the very beginning and experience the game from the start with all the knowledge I have now. Anyone know how I can go about this?

To my knowledge, it is not possible to reset your progress and start anew on Xbox One.

If it is merely to experience the game again, you could just create a new, free (Xbox Live Silver) account and play. If I recall correctly, Gems of War does not require that you have an Xbox Live Gold membership, so you can have at it after you go through the steps to setup a new account and gamertag.

If you just have to experience the game again on your current gamertag/profile, then you may have to contact GoW tech support. (I believe you can find it pinned at the top of the GoW Twiiter page, or somewhere here on the forums.)

Not sure how they would, but they probably could delete/reset all your progress on you current profile.

I too thing so that resetting your account on the Xbox is not possible. You may reset your console to factory defaults on Xbox One but remember, it will erase all your accounts, saved games, settings, and home Xbox associations. Anything not synchronized with Xbox Live will be lost. So do it properly. After that, you may Xbox live 50 euro kaufen and enjoy everything from the beginning!