Request: Event shops should include a button to easily see which troops you can get

I really wish there was a button to open up the troop filter that would show exactly which troops you can get from the event shops.
By having it open up the normal troop filter, you could also easily see if there are any potential troops that you still don’t have.
This would be especially useful for newer players, and/or returning who haven’t played in a while.

Currently right now, we have to second guess what you can get and what you can’t.

This more or less already exists. You have to go to a battle and select it so it brings up the Edit Team screen, it’ll show you all the troops owned that meet the restrictions placed. Then you just go into filters and select Unowned. This will then show you any troops you can get from the Shop.


So it should be easy to provide that link on the shop page :wink:

Not everybody realizes that you can see them this way, plus troops that could be used in the events that are only obtainable via crafting/vault would show there too, when you can’t get them via the shop.